My first blog!

“Here goes nothing!” This is my first blog so excuse me if it seems a little……rubbish (things get better as time and experience is gained right?).

I am approaching the end of my training in the ‘Royal Fleet Auxiliary’ to be a Steward. I’ve spent 14 weeks here on a Royal Navy teaching establishment (I shan’t say where, naturally) studying, passing assessments, studying some more, and passing more assessments. Yesterday I passed my final exam with a mark of 96.6% (the pass score is 60% so I guess I’m suitable?) and soon will be let loose on the fleet, travelling to many exotic places……..and lots of not so exotic places (all while suffering from seackness, joy!).

I will try to update this blog as often as possible but it won’t be more than once or twice a week at least. So, what do I do you may ask? Basically, a steward is a fancy name for someone who serves food, cleans floors, hallways and ceilings (or on ships, cleans bulkheads, deckheads and flats). I am the general do it all (inside the ship). Thankfully I’m not a ‘Deckhand’, they work outside in the cold!

This is something I have wanted in my life for a long time, a career in the services which can provide for a happy future (hopefully). I have to thank my fiancée who pushed me into this though as without her, I’d still be stacking shelves in a supermarket working zero hour contracts, at least in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, I get a good wage, a civil service pension and a secure job (unless the government cut our forces numbers even more).

Anyway, for now, that is it.

More to come. Bye for now,






3 thoughts on “My first blog!

  1. I look forward to your next installment. Hope u drop anchor in NYC one day? Lol Best of luck my salty sea dog nephew! I am very proud for and of you!

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