What’s next?

This week has been busy! I passed my training, I am (until I finish my apprenticeship) a Catering Assistant. One step closer to being a Steward. My certificate is framed and up on the wall, I could’ve hidden it away in the heads but I don’t think the other half would appreciate it.

Next week will also be a busy week for me too. I’m currently on a 6 and a half hour train journey to Portsmouth (If I drove, that could’ve been done in 4 hours but this trip isn’t costing me a penny!) to do my vital courses I need before being out in the fleet. Things such as the BSSC (Basic Sea Survival Course-involves jumping off a platform in a survival suit and swimming out to a Lifeboat), First Aid (No explanation needed), Damage control and Firefighting (the damage control is where me and a team are put insode a metal structure that resembles a ship on the inside. It will flood and we’re meant to work in a team to stop it……..No one wins apparently. I’m looking forward to this!)

The only thing of this I’m not looking forward to is the sea survival course. I’m not the greatest swimmer, though my backstroke is good (which is what is required of me to do when I jump off a platform (which is only 5 metres high or so…In a survival suit which itself is full of air). But I’m not exactly going to wimp out, I’ve gone through 14 weeks training to get here, to throw it all away would be frowned upon by many people I know……..don’t want that!

There’ll be another update through the week, I’ll keep you posted!

Have a good day/night, Bye for now.








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