Time for Round 2!

First Aid, very handy to know. Hopefully, anyone who will need first aid won’t be bleeding because I will be joining them in hospital otherwise (I get queasy at the sight of blood!).

I’m back on the train heading back to Portsmouth for a 2 day course in First Aid. Another 6 and a half hours of sitting on a train, next to irritating people. A kid behind me constantly kicking the back of my seat, a kid beside me screaming “quack” at his i-Pad, I hope they’re getting off at Plymouth very soon!

Just to summarize on the last entry, I did my basic fire fighting course (I thoroughly enjoyed that one, got the adrenalin pumping a few times fighting controlled fires) and passed that. There was also the DRIU (Damage Repair Instructional Unit) which was also a lot of fun. I was a little apprehensive of it at first but at the end of it I wanted another go at it. I reckon the Royal Navy would earn a lot of money if they opened the site to tourists to have a go at saving a ‘ship’ from sinking! And then there was the sea survival course. Another one where I had lots of fun and wanting to do it again. I got changed into a Once Only Survival Suit (designed to be used once only, it’s like a drysuit that keeps you afloat-it also makes you look like a bright orange rubber sex pest).

What now? I’ll pass the first aid (hopefully) then in the weekend, off to a ship for 4 months….for security purposes I shan’t say where or what I’ll be doing. So the blog won’t be updated as frequently as it has been (and that wasn’t very frequent either but hey ho!)

I hope you will have/are having a good day,


I’ll update soon!



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