Off I go!

My first voyage in my new career! Back on the train (done enough of these trips to last a while but heh ho!) There were 8 of us apprentice stewards that started in January, 3 of us (including me, although one will be on the ship for just one month) are going to one ship that’ll more than likely stay in one place, one on another that’ll be doing it’s job around UK waters, another two on another ship doing the same sort of thing, but with a possibility of going to the med and two others on another ship going all the way to the sunny med for a whole 4 months! Not jealous at all!

The reason I started this blog was so I could have something to keep me occupied on ship in my spare time. What else could I do on ship other than work, go to sleep, watch dvd’s etc? Another reason for this blog is (another ‘blogger’ pointed this out to me) is that there isn’t much online about a career and life in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Other than on the Royal Navy’s careers website, there isn’t much to go on so when I get the opportunity to add another entry to my blog (using whatever free Wi-Fi I can find) I will do so.

So, what now? What do I expect? I’ve had a sample week on a ship to see what life is like in the RFA. I know it will be hard work as a steward, up very early, clean things, make beds etc. I also know the days could go very long but alas, can go very quickly. Work 7 days a week for 4 months straight. There could possibly be time off, who knows? I certainly don’t. One thing I do know is that me and 2 other colleagues will be the only ones on the ship with the new uniform. Everyone has the old uniform or boiler suits (pretty much) with just their name on it, my uniform will have my name, Royal Fleet Auxiliary written on it and also the blue ensign on my sleeve (the colours of the RFA).
I shall try very much to add another entry in a week or two, but that really does depend.

Have a great day, where ever you are!



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