I’m still here.

Still bobbing around. Anywhere and everywhere. Around the south coast that is but I’ve been gaining ‘Q days’ (Q days are days I spend working outside of U.K territorial waters, if I get 180 Q days, I can claim back my tax from my income). But I’m still enjoying it, I can get used to the way of life sailing across the seven seas. Or in the past two weeks, the English channel.

So how has it been? Busy! Waking up at 0630, clean the tea room and the officers bar, wake up the officers on my deck at 0700, then down to the officers saloon to serve breakfast. Then after that, eat breakfast and have a coffee or three. Then bunks and rosies (tidy the rooms and make the beds basically). Then lunch. Then a couple of hours off then dinner. And that is basically the day. Start at 0630, finish at 1900 or thereabouts.

Am I enjoying it? Early days yet (I’m three weeks into my four month appointment) but it’s been good. The updates will come as time goes on….whenever I find an outlet of free Internet (McDonald’s or a pub basically).

That is all for now.

Have a good day.





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