Long time coming too! So what’s new? Lot’s for me. To start with I’m almost at the end of my 2nd trip patrolling the seas (and bars) around the Arabian Gulf (and Arabian Sea too)! The ship I’m on has accomplished many things during my 4 months here, though I won’t go into detail what. I have also accomplished lot’s as an Apprentice Steward in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, completing necessary tasks in order to gain advancement to Steward.

What else, well I shall soon become a father (sex unknown, the other half doesn’t want to find out and being on a ship miles away, I can’t argue) but the names have all been sorted for whatever I’ll end up with. I’ll also become a married man too so plenty of things are happening within the next few months. My 1 month of leave I get (as a Rating you will get 3 months compared to the Apprentice’s 1 month) will not be full of R&R but shopping for baby equipment/wedding stuff etc, the other half will love it!!!

Whilst out here I have seen many sights (both ashore and at sea), the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is amazing to see up close (it’s the tallest building in the world at 830 metres from base to tip)  as well as Dubai Mall (5.9 million square feet of internal floor space alone)! The Gold and Spice Souk is a nice place to visit, where gold and all sorts of spices are sold, at a good price if (unlike me) you know how to haggle and also been to watch some Camel racing at a track 30mins drive out of Dubai. As you could probably tell, I’ve spent a lot of my time in Dubai (which is true, it’s where I joined the ship and will be where I fly home from). But I have been to other ports-of-call, Bahrain, Fujairah and Duqm (which is literally in the middle of no-where, the nearest public space was a hotel about 30 mins drive away).

Right now, I’m sitting in the Dubai International Seafarers Centre updating this blog, it is a big bar inside a compound, it has free WiFi, a good selection of beers and other drinks, an outdoor BBQ, a swimming pool, basketball court and other things as well as an outdoor big screen (ideal for the T20 Cricket…..or football etc). One tip though if you do end up out here, be prepared to spend money, a pint of Budweiser costs about £7.50 (I won’t ever complain about being charged £4 for one back home ever again).

Well, there you go. That’s it for now, I’m sorry about the time it’s taken since my last blog.

I hope you have a great day/night where ever you may be.


Fair winds and following seas.



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